European Projects

Germany: A land consolidation process helped to restore the functionality of vineyard terraces that would otherwise have been abandoned

Through a land consolidation process, local communities and authorities, land owners and farm managers worked closely together in order to redistribute ownership and public land.
This process has allowed to restore 15ha of vineyard terraces in a way that it ca be used again for viticulture and its value in terms of nature conservation as safeguarded. MORE

Italy: RDP funds supporting an agricultural business after damages from extreme weather events

This project is demonstrating how Rural Development funds can be used for rebuilding a farm who´s buildings and crops were severely hit by extreme weather events. The company can now operate as it did before! MORE

Netherlands: The ‘Stable of the Future’ for the pig farming sector

This pilot project aims to develop the ‘stable of the future’, aiming to prevent ammonia emissions and to supporting the generation of sustainable energy directly from fresh manure. Such a stable will increase the farm’s profitability and become an example of modern circular agriculture. MORE

Spain: Pueblos Vivos – Living Villages

This interterritorial cooperation project is promoting the life in rural areas and aims to create the conditions for reversing the depopulation problem in the rural areas of Aragon.
For instance, actions to support the local population to remain in their territory as well as actions to improve the attractiveness of the areas involved, will be carried out.
As a pilot project, it will establish and test a methodology of work that supports the population in rural areas and attracts new settlers. MORE

Belgium: Supporting the social integration of people who suffer from mental health and/or social issues.

Through collective and individual activities on farms, the association ‘Nos Oignons’ helps patients to learn new things, build new relationships and gain self-confidence. The first results in the field are stunning! Many European regions could be inspired by this best practice project. MORE

France: A certification label for the sustainable management of hedgerows

The use of public support has proven vital for developing a certification label that ensures a sustainable management of biomass originating from hedgerows. This provides a new source of income for farmers while promoting the protection of hedgerows, which increases biodiversity, reduces the use of pesticides and reduces the risk of erosion. MORE

Sweden: Integration of young migrants through nature and outdoor learning

'Rural Newcomers' is a project to help young migrants integrate into Swedish society and the labour market. Over the last 7 years, the initiative has shown that learning about nature and rural areas is key for facilitating the integration of young migrants. MORE

Latvia: Using 100% natural materials for construction and renovation

EAFRD support was used to introduce innovative technologies for using 100% natural materials such as hemp in construction and renovation. The material secures an outstanding indoor micro-climate, an excellent temperature stability as well as an anti-allergenic environment. MORE

Ireland: Taking advantage of digital opportunities in rural Ireland

A digital facilitator was employed to provide various types of social media and internet training in order to improve local digital skills and enable businesses, organisations and individuals to take better advantage of digital opportunities.
This created new connections, new business opportunities and also created and promoted online networking possibilities aimed at all sectors of the local community. MORE

Luxembourg: Supporting viticulture on steep slopes and terraces

In many areas of Luxembourg, winemaking is carried out on hills and steep terraces with slopes greater than 30%. With EAFRD support, a reduction in the use of synthetic products, herbicides and insecticides was enabled, even in such difficult terrain. MORE