European Projects

France and Portugal: Transnational cooperation for short food supply-chains

A transnational cooperation between the two countries has set itself the goal to tighten the relations between urban and rural areas in order to strengthen short supply-chains for local food.
The results are impressive: a deeper cooperation between all partners of the supply-chain has not only created jobs but also enhanced product quality as well as environmental sustainability. MORE

Hungary: Young farmer shows the way to go

Of interest for young farmers and new entrants is the path that a young farmer went. The case demonstrates how to successfully benefit from different EU funds in order to build an innovative Mangalica swine-farm. MORE

Germany: Natura 2000 remains a hot topic - a co-operative implementation is key

The German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is exemplary for how a consistent cooperation between land users and conservationists and with the support of EAFRD resources a successful implementation of Natura 2000 can be achieved. This approach has not only boosted biodiversity but equally improved the quality of life for locals and supported the economy. MORE