European Projects

France: BiomMap – helping citizens to mobilise on biodiversity

Through the BiomMap project the ecological network of a territory in the Walloon Region was significantly improved. Rural stakeholders are enabled to identify, monitor and quantify the existing ecological network’s features, indicate its characteristics, gaps and potential for improvement. MORE

Slovenia: Production of vegetables using biomass from wood

With rural development support, a biomass-burning heater was purchased to grow vegetables during winter. Slovenia´s self-sufficiency in lettuce production increased from 6.7 % to 19.7 % MORE

France: Electric car-sharing for solving mobility problems of an isolated village in the mountains

To ensure social inclusion and access to vital public services, an isolated village in France has bought an electric vehicle for its inhabitants. EU and national support covered most of the costs. MORE

Netherlands: Insects can become a source of sustainable, high-quality proteins in the future

A circular food production system is set up. Waste produced by animals and plants is converted by insects into new nutrients. The projects shows that insects can have the potential to become a source of sustainable, high-quality proteins in the future. MORE

Ireland: LEADER support enabled the purchase of a lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to provide remote sensing services.

The investment allows for a complete and comprehensive remote sensing service. Several projects related to agriculture, forestry and waterways have already started. MORE

Estonia: Restoring old stone walls improves their productive functions and brings benefit for the environment.

With support of the Rural Development Programme, this farmer restored 1 327 meters of stone walls. They now fulfill again their function to separate cattle while at the same time providing a habitat for many insects and plants. MORE

Czech Republic: Conversion of an intensive farm-holding into an ecological demo-farm

With EAFRD support, an intensive farm was transformed into an ecological demo-farm providing diverse environmental benefits to wildlife, habitat, biodiversity and water quality. This also allowed to increase the farm´s capacity to adapt to climate-induced extreme rainfall and droughts. In addition, the farm operates a demonstration platform for training and exchange of knowledge and good practices, involving and connecting a broad variety of stakeholders, including accredited agricultural advisory services, who can learn from the concrete experience of the farm. MORE

United Kingdom: Rural Development support for tackling Dementia in a rural areas

To ensure that the services provided by a community center also meet the needs of those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, Rural Development supported the enhancement of the center´s services and premises. The interior and exterior signage throughout the center were improved, walls and curtains redecorated and dark colours removed. This improved clarity of vision for those with Dementia, to allow people to easily locate the facilities. The impact of such a small investment has been huge and proves that a small amount of funding can make a real difference to a rural community. MORE

Portugal: Hydroponic production of vegetables in eco-greenhouses

EAFRD support allowed to develop a state-of-the-art innovative, greenhouse production unit, ensuring high standards of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and food safety. Among the key lessons learned was that careful planning is necessary to avoid difficulties and delays in the implementation. In addition, outsourcing should be done using highly specialized companies and teams, with know-how and experience. MORE

Sweden: BeeScanning - an app for protecting bee colonies

To reduce bee mortality and improve the health of bee communities, the BeeScanning app was developed to detect Varroa mites. Beekeepers get infestation results together with recommended actions in a fast and user-friendly way using their smartphones. The app is free and can be downloaded for Android and iPhone under the name “BeeScanning” MORE