European Projects

France: Ice cream from the farm

Close to Paris, where agriculture is under strong pressure due to urban expansion, three farms have set up a company to produce ice cream. With EAFRD-support, the necessary equipment and facilities as well as a feasibility study were financed. Since its launch, about 40 flavours have been developed, sold directly on the farm but also to a dozen retailers. MORE

Sweden: Brännland Cider

A company that produces ice-cider in northern Sweden, combined RDP support and crowdfunding to plant a new apple orchard of about 1000 trees that would support its production needs. The competitiveness of the company increased as it can better control the raw material they use. In addition, the new orchard has strengthened the links between the company and the local community. MORE

Finland: co-operation and knowledge sharing to tackle eutrophication in a vulnerable lake system

Through increased cooperation between all relevant stakeholders, a lake system is being protected against eutrophication. Lessons learnt - landowners and local people need to be included from the beginning to reduce the influx from nutrients. MORE

Poland: Workshops to combat digital exclusion of people over 50 years

A series of workshops were organised to develop computer skills among inhabitants aged over 50. The participants learned how to carry out simple, everyday activities, such as finding information on the web, searching for job offers, making electronic payments and online purchases, or sending e-mails. This helped to improve the participants’ quality of life. MORE

Germany: Treetop Trail for creating an active nature experience combined with educational elements

The trail serves as a tourist attraction that enhances visitors´ experience of nature and the history of the area, combined with forest educational elements. The entire path is barrier-free and fits in with the surrounding environment. MORE

Spain: Network of co-working spaces in rural Catalonia

The cooperation project aims to boost the creation of employment and economic activity in rural areas, to attract young skilled professionals and to tackle outmigration. It has developed a methodology for setting up and supporting a network of co-working spaces and it advocates co-working among professional and local actors. MORE

Slovakia: Investing in preventive actions against forest fires to increase the forest owners competitiveness

A 3.7km long forest fire road was reconstructed and of a new 8m high wooden forest fire lookout was built to improve the management and maintenance of an area of ca 1 500 ha of forest. These measures will especially facilitate the access for fire-fighting vehicles create overall better conditions for forestry.
In addition, the improved access to the forest will increase the forest owners’ competitiveness. A 5% increase of revenues is expected. MORE

Italy: Investing to sustain the local dairy supply chain

A dairy company in the Aveto valley felt that product diversification was the only way to guarantee greater revenues and therefore, the survival of the local cattle farming sector. The company used RDP support to build a new wing on its factory in order to increase its production capacity. This investment strengthened the local supply chains and helps prevent the abandonment of the farming activity in the area. In addition, 3 jobs were created by the investment. MORE

Ireland: Protecting native woodlands

A start-up enterprise in Ireland is providing a broad range of woodland conservation solutions such as containing forest diseases and combating the impact of invasive alien species. These services are considerably helping to preserve the countries’ cultural landscape and heritage, as well as maintaining the forest´s role in climate change mitigation. MORE

Finland: Young people come together to create a Youth Manifesto identifying actions for creating long-term living opportunities in rural areas

The objective of this project was to bring together young people from around Europe to share knowledge and experiences of living in rural communities, to discover common themes and to work together to create more opportunities for young people in rural areas. MORE