Annual Work Programme 2018 "Netzwerk Zukunftsraum Land"

Annual conference 2018: The annual conference of the “Zukunftsraum Land” network will be held next year under the motto "Added value in a national and international context". It is combined with the award of the winning project from the Rural Development (RD) Prize "Added value in rural areas" (see next point). Second half-year

RD Added-Value-Prize: All project promoters who enter their project into the project database of the RD network can take part in the selection process for the winning project in the fields of agriculture & forestry, nature & the environment and regional development. All year round

Regional marketing models - Exchange of experience: Conference of practitioners together with experts in education, advisory and innovation - exchange of knowledge and experiences. First half-year

Dialogue workshop "Regions in demographic decline" - possible solutions and their implementation through the ESI funds: dissemination and discussion of the results of the ÖREK-partnership "Strategies for regions in demographic decline"; possible measures against exodus under the ESI funds. Second half-year

Subject Area Innovation

Innovation broker: Continuation of advice to innovative actors on the establishment of new European Innovation Partnerships (EIP-AGRI) and networking between Operational Groups to increase the innovation potential in agriculture. All year round

Webinars on EIP-AGRI: Two webinars will be organised in 2018 to provide information on the EIP-AGRI and project types 16.1.1 and 16.2.1 to potential applicants for funding. First half-year

Extension and update of the FAQ on EIP-AGRI: Since 2017, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) around the EIP-AGRI have been available for downloading from the website of the Zukunftsraum Land network. These are to be extended and updated on an ongoing basis. All year round

Implementation of an innovation strategy for the Austrian agriculture on the topic of "value creation" in cooperation with the BMNT. In 2018, the focus will be on added value in the Austrian agriculture. New products and services play a central role in the strategy, as do the valorisation of nature conservation and new forms of cooperation. In a first step, data will be systematically collected and evaluated by means of interviews with experts, and will be communicated to all relevant actors during the course of the year. All year round

Subject Area Agriculture and Forestry including the Value Chain

"Strengthening primary agricultural production in the food value chain": Symposium on the challenges of primary agricultural production and marketing organisations. 1st half-year

Rethinking the financial instruments of RD 14-20: Expert forum for the presentation of domestic and foreign financial instruments already used in rural development. Exchange of experience on measures that could be established in Austria. First half-year

Risk management in agriculture and forestry: Presentation of risk management tools for agriculture and forestry and analysis of present experiences in Austria. First half-year

Information and networking forum innovative educational projects: Exchange and networking for the further development of educational projects and the development of impulses for new projects. First half-year

Innovation and networking forum for organic farming: Impetus for new innovation potential in the field of organic products for added value in Austria. Second half-year

New forms of agriculture: Conference on information and discussion of new approaches and innovative ideas in agriculture. Second half-year

Role of bioenergy in the EU's "Winter Package" - effects on support systems for the use of biomass for energy production: significance of bioenergy along the value chain, next implementation steps, effects on support systems. Second half-year

Animal welfare in cattle husbandry: Awareness raising and exchange conference for a broad target group along the value chain to promote mutual understanding. Second half-year

Symposium: "Sustainable forest management: multifunctionality vs. segregation": Positive examples of nature conservation in forests, financing of forest ecology measures and communication of sustainable forest management. The symposium is organized in cooperation with the environmental umbrella organization UWD. Second half-year

Subject Area Environment, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

Expert talks on the topic of forest edges: A forgotten biodiversity hotspot? The role and funding opportunities of  species-rich forest edges are to be discussed in expert talks. Start in January 2018

Expert seminar focusing on the protection of protected goods: Analysis and discussion of the existence, endangerment and habitat requirements of butterflies as well as the contribution of EAFRD measures to their conservation. First half-year

Open-air seminar: Mountain pasture farming and rare livestock breeds: species conservation and grazing appropriate to the location - a marketing opportunity for regions? Second half-year

Open-air seminar: "Result-oriented nature conservation at the farm - does it paying off?" Focus from a nature conservation perspective, but also from a handling point of view. First half-year

Subject Area Climate Change, Climate Action and Air Pollution Control

Open-air seminar: Air pollution control at farm level- Assessment and discussion of measures required for ammonia reduction in practice. First half-year

Open-air seminar: Adaptation to climate change at farm level: How to deal with hot and dry periods? Irrigation vs. the use of other crops. First half-year

Network-talks: Regional value creation & climate action. Identification of positive examples of local production and marketing as well as its contribution to regional value creation in the context of global trade. Second half-year

Subject area Basic Services, LEADER and Regional Development

Workshop on mobility in rural areas: Presentation and discussion of innovative mobility projects and future perspectives (Mobility 4.0). First half-year

Workshop tourism and agriculture: New approaches for cooperation between agriculture and tourism. Second half-year

Workshop "Learning from experienced LEADER managers": Exchange of experiences in the areas of strategy implementation, activation of topics, diversity in participation, etc. First half-year

Annual LEADER conference - Regional value chains: Factors of success for the creation of regional added value and value chains, design of value-added partnerships, theme corner and project presentations. First half-year.

International LEADER seminar "Nature Tourism": in cooperation with the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD); excursion related to nature tourism projects. Second half-year.

Consulting for interterritorial and transnational cooperation projects: Identification and connection of partners for LAGs from Austria and other EU Member States; advice on project applications. All year round

Topic-speific seminars: Funding of an expert for self-organized one-day workshops of LAGs who want to work together on a topic of common interest; support for the identification of interested LAGs. All year round

Thematic webinars: The networking agency organizes web meetings on topics that are currently being dealt with by several regions. Webinars to initiate the exchange of experiences online. All year round

LINC 2018: European LEADER Conference in Finland, for which the Network “Zukunftsraum Land” acts as cooperation partner. First half-year

International LEADER Excursion: 2.5-day excursion organized in cooperation with the Networking Centers of Germany and Luxembourg and to be held in Austria in 2018. The participation of LEADER actors from Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and South Tyrol is intended to promote the exchange of experience as well as the initiation of transnational cooperation projects. Second half-year