Annual Work Programme 2019 "Netzwerk Zukunftsraum Land"

Gender mainstreaming training for funding administrators and implementers: Diversity and fundamental issues of equality, evaluation of projects from a gender perspective, benefits of GM for rural development. 25 April 2019, St. Pölten (for Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Vienna); 30 April 2019, Klagenfurt (for Carinthia, Styria, Burgenland); 2 May 2019, Innsbruck (for Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Salzburg)

Gender mainstreaming training for the management level of LE programme implementation: anchoring the gender mainstreaming perspective or gender equality orientation in strategy development; imparting comprehensive know-how on gender mainstreaming. April/May 2019

Annual Conference 2019: This year's annual conference of the ‘Netzwerk Zukunftsraum Land’ will be held under the motto "Climate Change". 16. October 2019, Upper Austria

Conference "Rural Development in the Region", 29 May 2019, Vorarlberg
Workshop "Rural Master Plan", November 2019
Subject Area Innovation

Innovation broker: Continuation of providing advisory services and bringing together Operational Groups within the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) and other innovative actors to increase the potential of innovation in agriculture. All year round

Implementation of an innovation analysis for Austrian agriculture - focus on climate change: On behalf of the BMNT, the Subject Area Innovation is again preparing an innovation analysis for the Austrian agriculture, which will focus on the annual topic of climate change in 2019. In a first step, data will be systematically collected, evaluated and communicated to all relevant actors in the course of the year, among other things by means of expert interviews. All year round

Network meetings of the national operational groups: In order to facilitate personal exchanges between all Operational Groups in Austria, the Office of Netzwerk Zukunftsraum Land will organise a national networking meeting in autumn 2019. September

Information Event for Operational Groups 4. Call: In spring, the BMNT will announce which Operational Groups (OG) will be supported under the 4th call for innovative projects. To facilitate the work of these OGs, the team of the Innovation Broker is organising an information event in cooperation with Unit VII / 6 and the Approving Body of the BMNT. November
Subject Area Agriculture and Forestry including the Value Chain
Farminar "Forest management as the foundation of stable stands": Forest management measures are an essential precondition for stable forest stands as a response to climate change. In this seminar, which is conducted online directly from a practical holding, the why, how and when are discussed together with experts. Via chat, the participants can contribute actively and participate in discussions. 26 April 2019, online

Expert Forum "Animal Health and Climate Change": Climate change has far-reaching consequences for animal husbandry. Individual priority topics will be discussed in detail through expert inputs. The aim is to connect the actors in the field and to facilitate the exchange of information and experience. 21 May 2019, Styria.

Symposium "Climate Change and Agriculture:Challenges and Opportunities in Food and Feed Production": The aim of the event is to address challenges and difficulties as well as opportunities and potentials linked to changing climatic conditions in food and feed production. 26 June 2019, Upper Austria

Workshop "Cross-sectoral services of agriculture and forestry for climate protection": The workshop offers relevant stakeholders the opportunity to expand knowledge about cross-sectoral services of energy supply from agriculture and forestry. The aim is to create a better understanding of the complex interrelationships in greenhouse gas calculations and to support the development of suitable communication strategies. June 2019, Vienna.

Symposium "Contribution of alpine and mountain farming to nature conservation and climate change mitigation”: Challenges linked to climate change as well as possible adaptation strategies for alpine and mountain farming will be examined within the context of this event. Possible strategies will be discussed through expert inputs, project presentations and exchange of experiences in the sector. September 2019, Carinthia

Conference "Rural areas live through diversity - projects to ensure livelihoods and jobs for women in rural areas": This conference offers actors in rural areas interesting specialized inputs on the subject of women, diversification and the creation of new fields of income and activity. At the same time, it offers stimulations through "best-practice" examples as well as the possibility of exchanging experiences and networking as a basis for possible further cooperation. 2nd half-year, Lower Austria

Webinar/Farminar "climate-smart-farming": In this online seminar, which is conducted directly from a holding, experts discuss with each other how emission avoidance can be achieved through smart agricultural technology (precision farming). Participants can actively participate and discuss via chat. 2nd half-year, online

Animal welfare Cattle farming: The conference offers a broad target group along the value chain the opportunity for exchange and discourse as well as for the creation of mutual understanding in the context of animal welfare and tethering of cattle. 2nd half year, Tyrol

Information and networking forum innovative educational projects: This event aims at a broad exchange of information and experience through professional inputs and broad networking opportunities of recognised education providers. The aim is to contribute to the development of new, innovative approaches in education and to the further development of educational projects. 19 September 2019, Vienna
Subject Area Environment, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation
Open-air seminar: Biodiversity in grassland: The current implementation of the ÖPUL requirement "Environmentally friendly and biodiversity-enhancing management" is examined and its objectives and practicability discussed. May 2019
Open-air seminar: Water & pollution by nitrates:Measures to reduce nitrate pollution are examined, their effectiveness and suitability for practical use put up for discussion. September 2019

Seminar on results-based payments for nature conservation: The results-based nature conservation plan is analysed for a possible application in the field of soil protection or any other thematic areas; 2nd half of the year

Seminar: Pollinators in arable farming: The seminar will present existing initiatives on pollinators in arable farming and summarise the current state of knowledge in order to work on concrete measures to promote pollinators in arable farming. 1st half-year 2019
Subject Area Climate Change, Climate Action and Air Pollution Control
Cooperation Event with the Soil Forum:"Soil in (Climate) Change": Loss of soil productivity due to climate change; 7-8 May 2019

"Agriculture in the context of climate change – Techniques and knowledge transfer” in cooperation with the German Networking Centre for Rural Areas: Research on adaptation to climate change in the areas of fertilisation, soil cultivation and irrigation, but also in the area of digitisation will be dealt with in a transnational exchange; 6-7 June 2019, Salzburg

Preparation of a technical protocol summarising the main results of network events on adaptation to climate change; ongoing
Basic services, LEADER and regional development
Practical workshop on the new public procurement law: In this workshop, comprehensive information on the new public procurement law will be displayed and discussed. 2 April 2019

Cooperatives - An organisational form for sustainable regional development? Topics: the cooperative as a future model for cooperative management in rural areas; practical examples; advantages and disadvantages of different legal forms. 14 May 2019

LEADER Annual Conference: Regional measures and strategies about climate action: measures in the field of climate action adaptation to climate change in LEADER regions: Exchange of experience between LEADER groups, actors in climate and energy model regions and project promoters. 19 June 2019

LINC: European LEADER Conference: Workshops/Excursions on topics and projects of innovative rural development, sports competitions, European buffet with regional products from the participating regions. Pärnu, Estonia, 10-13 September 2019

International LEADER excursion: This joint excursion of Austrian, German and Luxembourg LAGs will lead to German LEADER regions in 2019. 30 September - 2 October 2019

Workshop: Successfully communicating and anchoring LEADER - Communication and stakeholder management: Importance and goals of (internal) communication and stakeholder management; Strategies and measures for (internal) communication and stakeholder management. October/November 2019

Diversity in committees: Impulse workshops in selected or interested LEADER regions: In 2019, the Networking Office will support five (half-day) impulse Workshops in interested regions with 800 euros net for a diversity expert (Edith Zitz). Time: by arrangement

Call seminars: Funding of an expert for self-organised one-day workshops of LAGs who want to work together on an important topic for all LAGs involved; support in the search for interested LAGs. All year round

Cooperation consulting for inter-territorial and transnational cooperation projects: Search and convey of partners for LAGs from Austria and other EU Member States; advice on project applications. All year round

Answering inquiries - Info-Service: If you are looking for exemplary projects, experts on specific topics or excursion areas in Austria or other EU countries, you can contact us at any time. All year round