Social festival – Do something

Topic area
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

Disaggregation level
Social services

Project region

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Steirische Eisenstraße

LE– Programming Period
LE 07–13

Project period

Project costs overall

Project initiator
Verein Steirische Eisenstrasse

LE 07-13 information

Themenbereich (Untergliederung): Leader (Soziales)
LAG (lokale Aktionsgruppe): Steirische Eisenstraße
Maßnahme: M421

Short description

The "Social Festival" project took place in 2012 as a LEADER project in the LAG ‘Steirische Eisenstraße’. It was conceived as a festival of personal initiative. From a "bottum-up" level the population was invited to suggest good project ideas to the festival. Then, 200.000 Euros were available for the implementation while additional voluntary commitment of the project sponsors was desired.

In addition to fighting against poverty, fostering good economic activity and good coexistence, projects about equal opportunities were also in the foreground. One focus was on projects about migration/integration (which are a burning issue, especially in the area of Leoben - schools with up to 70% children with a migration background), projects with integration efforts for disabled people and the involvement of young people in a demographically problematic region that has the oldest average age in Austria.

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