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    Certificate course on direct marketing of farm products

    Topic area
    Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain

    Disaggregation level
    Value added
    Short supply chains
    Direct marketing
    Climate protection
    Local amenities
    Knowledge transfer

    Project region

    LE– Programming Period
    LE 14–20

    Project period
    2016-2017 (geplantes Projektende)

    Project costs overall
    25.740,00 €

    Subsidy from LE 14-20
    20.350,00 €

    EN - 1.2.1. a) Demonstrationsvorhaben und Informationsmaßnahmen - Landwirtschaft

    Project initiator
    LFI Vorarlberg

    Short description

    This certificate course is addressed to all farmers who are already engaged or at least interested in direct marketing. Profound knowledge, future trends and interesting facts on direct marketing are communicated within a time frame of 16 days (128 teaching units). The educational program consists of four modules: personal development related to work and time management, business management, marketing and a product-specific section including an excursion. Next to presentations, group works, workshops and various other tasks the course provides a platform for the exchange of experience among all participants and also for the discussion with the trainers.

    Point of departure

    The direct marketing farmers from the region of Vorarlberg are very active. However, according to professionals in the fields of direct marketing major improvements have to be done when it comes to the implementation of the mandatory self-control system, food labeling, social insurance issues and aspects on commercial law. Due to the high workload, emerging from direct marketing, there is a certain need to carefully examine the (family-) farm’s business situation. The strengths and weaknesses of all contributing (family-) workers shall be evaluated in order to successfully grow the business. The certificate course provides the opportunity for a profound training and encourages participants to think creatively.

    Targets and target groups

    This certificate course is addressed to all farmers who are already engaged or at least interested in direct marketing. The course communicates profound information on the success factors whether on a personal or business level. The participants learn more about their personal abilities and strengths and to develop their own business model, based on their personal future goals.

    The business analysis provides the participants with new findings on their business operation. In this way the key strategies can be defined and the concepts can be realized more efficiently.

    In recent years, various courses relating to direct marketing (e.g. Food labelling, information on allergens, hygienic training) have been held.  In order to communicate a broad basic knowledge, the new certificate course on direct marketing of farm products shall address all relevant subjects and provide the participants with profound information. 

    Project implementation and measures

    In order to obtain the certificate, proving the successful graduation of the course, a business and marketing strategy for one’s own farm has to be developed by each participant at the end of the course. Every participant has to evaluate his/her business concept, to define his/her strengths and weaknesses and to screen their business activities. The holistic approach in terms of business analysis, supervised by trained experts, improves the individual development of one’s own business strategy. Furthermore, the course provides a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas.


    It has been observed that many direct marketing farmers are not aware of their obligations and responsibilities that are linked to their role as food business operator.

    Self-control systems are often insufficient or simply not there.
    Food labelling is often incorrect.
    There is a certain potential for improvement within the fields of “business operation” (business economy, marketing).
    Frequently, there is no motivation for tackling the named issues.
    This course provides the participants with a comprehensive toolbox to face the challenges within their businesses.