Immigrant Integration into Rural Areas

Topic area
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

Disaggregation level
Integration & Social Inclusion
Interregional/Transnational cooperation projects

Project region
Upper Austria

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Kufstein und Umgebung – Untere Schranne – Kaiserwinkel
LAG Regionalentwicklung Außerfern - REA
LAG Regionalmanagement Landeck - RegioL
LAG Regionalmanagement Wipptal
LAG Regionalmanagement regio³ Pillerseetal-Leukental-Leogang
LAG Regionalmangement Bezirk Imst
LAG Zukunft Linz-Land

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
2016-2019 (geplantes Projektende)

Project costs overall

EN - 19.3.1. Umsetzung von nationalen oder transnationalen Kooperationsprojekten

Project initiator
LAG regio³ Pillerseetal-Leukental-Leogang

Short description

The transnational LEADER project that is performed together with several Finnish and Swedish, one Upper Austrian and 5 Tyrolian LEADER regions aims to highlight the most favorable approaches and best-practice examples in terms of Immigrant Integration to Rural Areas.

The project’s necessity results from the challenging asylum and refugee issue, which is currently emerging within the countries participating in this project.

Project implementation and measures

The following project activities will be performed:

·         Performance of activities within the participating regions targeting the various relevant issues. The lessons learned shall be communicated and the approved concepts shall be introduced to the other participating regions.

·         Organization of networking and exchange meetings, involving the relevant stakeholders and actors of the integration process, will be held.

·         Development of a best-practice toolbox and a database for the reporting of the identified successful methods and actions set within rural areas.

·         Joint public relations work, common organization and implementation. The respective Austrian pilot projects can be accessed through the website of the participating regions: