KOST.bares Weinviertel 2.0

Topic area
Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain

Disaggregation level
Value added
Short supply chains
Direct marketing

Project region
Lower Austria

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Weinviertel Ost

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
1.8.2018-31.7.2021 (geplantes Projektende)

Project costs overall

Subsidy from LE 14-20

EN - 19.2.1. Umsetzung der lokalen Entwicklungsstrategie

Project initiator
LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

Short description

The project "KOST.bares Weinviertel 2.0" aims to give products from the Weinviertel, a region in Lower Austria, more prominence and to increase their added value in the region. In order to achieve this goal, different measures and steps are taken. The basis for this is the cooperation with regional companies from the agricultural and handicraft sector.
An integral part of the project is the networking of companies among themselves, the promotion of a joint presence of the Weinviertel producers and their products as well as the interregional exchange with similar initiatives. The companies are provided with joint advertising materials as well as with individual marketing actions. A clear commitment of the companies is an essential part of this. The appearance under the brand (KOST.bares) Weinviertel is recommended to use and to force.
The networking with other sectors, such as regional gastronomy, local supply and the economy should also be part of the project.
Another key component of the project is to increase the awareness of Weinviertel products in the population. Collaboration with schools is designed to teach children the importance of regional products.
The project KOST.bares Weinviertel shall form the basis for further approaches in the development of adding value to regional products.