Apprentices with a kick

Topic area
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

Disaggregation level
SMEs, trade & economy
Equal opportunity
Site development
Education & lifelong learning
Knowledge transfer

Project region

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Nockregion Oberkärnten

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
15.05.2019-31.03.2020 (geplantes Projektende)

Project costs overall

Subsidy from LE 14-20

EN - 19.2.1. Umsetzung der lokalen Entwicklungsstrategie

Project initiator
Verein zur Förderung der Jugend in der Region Radenthein

Short description

On the initiative of the association "Verein zur Förderung der Jugend in der Region Radenthein", the economic enterprises of Radenthein and the ‘garnetcity’ Radenthein, a cross-company project for apprentices and continued education was developed. Under the title "Apprenticeship with fine tuning" the project was presented to the citizens

This initiative brings together people seeking for apprenticeships and respective providers in the communities of Radenthein and Feld am See. This coordination is carried out with the help of a new cross-company "apprentice coach". This apprentice coach mediates between apprentices, companies and parents and is thus available as an "impartial contact person" for all participants.

In addition, free, cross-company continuing education and training programmes are offered to apprentices; current vacancies for apprenticeship can be found on the homepage

Point of departure

For the ‘garnetcity’ of Radenthein, the area of youth development is an important future concern. The association "Verein zur Förderung der Jugend in der Region Radenthein" has set itself the goal, together with the business enterprises of Radenthein and the municipality of Radenthein, of boosting and upgrading the training of young people in the town. It concerns above all the apprentice training with or without secondary school certificate.

For some years now, it has been very difficult for the companies in Radenthein to get committed young people interested in apprenticeships in Radenthein. It is a fact that the trend towards training in secondary schools is growing and only those pupils who are rather "weak in learning" decide to undergo apprenticeships in Radenthein. This results in difficult challenges for the companies (keyword: shortage of skilled workers). Apprenticeships should be seen as an opportunity for the future.

Targets and target groups

The aim is to upgrade the apprenticeship education training various measures to better train the new skilled workers who remain in the region and do not (have to) emigrate.

Target groups are:
   - young people wishing to learn an apprentice profession,

    - young people who would like to do an apprenticeship with a secondary school certificate,

   - young people who have already completed their secondary school certificate and still want to learn an apprenticeship,

    - possibly also older people who would like to do an apprenticeship training in their second educational path,

    - teachers, entrepreneurs, parents.

Project implementation and measures

The small project "Apprentices with a kick" contains:
    - Creation of the position of an apprentice agent (apprentice coach) for the apprentices in Radenthein (contact person, coordinator) - this should be aimed at:

    # strengthening the independent and self-responsible thinking and acting of the apprentices,

    # development and strengthening of personality,

    # sensitization of apprentices regarding the safe handling of people such as supervisors, colleagues, etc. ,

    #promoting the personal potential of young people and much more,

    # the apprentice coach is an inter-company and "impartial contact" for all parties involved (apprentices, companies, parents, schools).

    - implementation of cross-company training and further education measures/workshops for apprentices in Radenthein (both technical and personality-building focal points, team building, and much more).

   - raising awareness "Apprentices are in the spotlight in Radenthein" - public event for apprentices, companies and parents.

    - creation of a new website ( for apprenticeship seekers and providers of apprenticeships.

    - The enterprises of Radenthein can present themselves on the homepage and especially display their training places offer. Thus, the variety of the training possibilities in the place is represented to the young people.

Results and effects

A new website ( for apprenticeship seekers and providers has been created with more detailed information about the education initiative.

The apprentice coach has been installed and is already up and running.

The first kick-off event took place on 23 October 2019 in Radenthein under the motto: "Apprenticeship with a kick (in relation to the garnettown of Radenthein)". The event was very well attended. The project was made public in advance in the regional print media as well as in social media.

The new education initiative was very well received by the population.


The experience to date has been very positive. The project was very well received by the young people (seekers of apprenticeships) and the companies of Radenthein (providers of apprenticeship).

Particularly noteworthy is the new motivation of the apprentices, who can identify with the project and thus contribute many new ideas. New networks have already been established with other regional initiatives for apprenticeship and continued training.