FIT Terminals in the Oases of Calm at St. Veit

Topic area
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

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Project region

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Lebens.Wert.Pongau

LE– Programming Period
LE 07–13

Project period

Project initiator
Tourismusverband Schwarzach/St.Veit

LE 07-13 information

Themenbereich (Untergliederung): Leader (Tourismus)
LAG (lokale Aktionsgruppe): Lebens.Wert.Pongau
Maßnahme: M413

Short description

In St. At St. Veit there are six “oases of calm” where people keen on sports exercise regularly to improve their physical fitness and health. To offer amateur sports a platform where to check and promote their performance, several fitness terminals are developed and installed in the oases of calm.
These terminals inform about progress made in the course of regular training on the courses between the oases of calm. The data are calculated using sports-academic methods and measurements and are presented in the form of performance reports and information about the right intensity for training at the terminal as well as on a website. Regular exercise in the wholesome climate of St. Veit and the right training intensity help prevent metabolic diseases like hypertension, overweight and diabetes as well as the metabolic syndrome.

Point of departure

By means of the health tips the ways to the fitness oases are to be made more attractive for the target group. In combination with the health terminals they complete the information package. The existing hiking trails to the oases are not only gaining attractiveness thanks to this offer, but are also used in a smart way to impart knowledge and valuable tips to the target group.

Targets and target groups

* Promoting the health awareness and fitness of the local population
* Improving the health of the local population
* Promoting health-related tourism
* Implementing measures for preventive health care

Project implementation and measures

Upgrading of the tourist region and its wholesome climate.
Optimum combination of activity, exciting experiences and learning. The difference is that people do not read the information somewhere but can actively carry out/try out the tips. In this way a long-term combination of theory and practice is achieved.