HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut

Topic area
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

Project region
Upper Austria

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Kulturerbe Salzkammergut REGIS

LE– Programming Period
LE 07–13

Project period

Project costs overall
91.078,82 EUR

LE 07-13 information

Themenbereich (Untergliederung): Leader (Sonstiges)
LAG (lokale Aktionsgruppe): Kulturerbe Salzkammergut (REGIS)
Maßnahme: M413 - M321

Short description

Re-use of a part of Schloss Neuwildenstein (Forest Administration) at Bad Goisern after the Upper Austrian Provincial Exhibition Salzkammergut 2008 as a centre of craftsmanship to maintain, improve and economically utilise the high-quality craftsmanship of the Salzkammergut region.

Point of departure

Excellent craftsmen of the region are to join up to develop a cooperation network.

Adaptation of the available premises of the historical building to create a combined business, presentation and sales exhibition area for the master enterprises and their products.

Presentation of craftsmanship in a cultural and historical context.

Targets and target groups

Planning of exhibitions, counselling and support of the craftsmen’s cooperation and marketing activities.