Annual work programme 2017 "Netzwerk Zukunftsraum Land"

1. Horizontal activities

Annual conference 2017 – Liveable regions: One-day event focusing on the regional, national and
European aspects concerning regional development; second half of 2017

LE 14-20 at the regional level: Half-day event focusing on the effects and challenges in terms of regional development in a target region; first half of 2017

Women in the region: One-day event with the partners from the Federal government and Länder as well as from the regions; second half of 2017

Agriculture/ Industry: Information event on potential barriers and opportunities; first half of 2017

Responding to requests/ Information service: continuing provision of information and composition of informative material

2. Agriculture and forestry, including the value chain

Developing farm businesses and their social acceptance: Workshop on a controversial socio-political issue; second half of 2017

Agriculture 4.0: Information event on the challenges and opportunities of digitisation; first half of 2017

Protection and marketing of products from alpine regions/ mountain-pasture farms: together with the association “Netzwerk Kulinarik” - expert workshop on value creation on the regional level and protection of product origin; first half of 2017

Mountain farming: International conference on the future development of agriculture in less- favoured areas; second half of 2017

Large carnivores in mountain-pasture farming: Information event on an intensively discussed topic; first half of 2017

Forest biodiversity: Seminar on the Forest Biodiversity Index; discussion on further actions; first half of 2017

Promotion of energy efficiency: Information event and workshop on high-efficiency technologies and funding; second half of 2017

3. Environment, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

Feedback on Nature Conservation: Seminar on major challenges regarding the LE-funded Nature Conservation Project; first half of 2017

Expert seminar focusing on objects of protection: Analysis and discussion of the EAFRD-measures concerning the preservation of butterflies; first half of 2017

Accompanying measures to the 'ÖPUL' Nature Conservation measure: holding of two seminars for multipliers, first half of 2017

Forest biodiversity: Seminar on the Forest Biodiversity Index; discussion on further actions; first half of 2017

Continuation of discussion-workshop on the effectiveness of the current CAP regarding environmental issues; second half of 2017

Cooperation event with the DVS (Deutsche Vernetzungsstelle) on a main topic concerning the environment, second half of 2017

4. Climate change and Climate Protection

Networking on soil protection: Joint conference with the “Austrian Soil Forum” (Österreichisches 
Bodenforum) targeting nutrient efficiency and circular economy; second half of 2017

Climate protection in terms of investment incentives: insights into the current practice of actions; second half of 2017

Open-Innovation-Forum on Environment and Climate Change: support of the implementation of climatological findings within the agricultural practices, second half of 2017

5. Basic services, LEADER and Rural Development

Social Regional Development: Conference on provisions for people with special needs of support; second half of 2017

Excursion targeting Social Regional Development: Exemplary initiatives of Social Regional Development in practice; second half of 2017

Mentoring and integration of refugees: Working party with all involved target groups; first half of 2017

Working group on “Business and Rural Development”: Cooperation between businesses and regional development organizations; first and second half of 2017

Working group on “Community Development”: Actions targeting the innovative development of communities; first and second half of 2017

6. Innovation

First Austrian agricultural hackathon: Innovation platform for young people related to Rural
Development; second half of 2017

Our innovation broker: Exchange of experiences and awareness raising including a look beyond the borders; all year round

Open-Innovation-Forum on Environment and Climate Change: support of the implementation of climatological findings in the agricultural practices; second half of 2017

Creation of communication material concerning the funding application EIP-AGRI

Information for operational groups:
Regional information event for applicants of funding; (as

“Innovation in agriculture”: Interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral workshops targeting the identification of the key issues within rural areas; second half of 2017

7. Local working groups and actions in terms of collaboration Civil society and participation:

Annual LEADER-meeting on the involvement of civil society in the work of LAG (Local Action Group); first half of 2017

Transnational cooperation projects: Advisory service for LEADER-Organizations; all year round

Location-independent seminars: supporting the initiative of LAGs with the aim of learning together and to improve the project quality; (as required)

Thematic web-meetings: for an efficient and cost-effective exchange of experiences for LAGs; (as required)

LINC: European Conference on LEADER, from 9th -11th of May 2017 in Luxembourg