20.–22. Juni 2018

1st European Symposium on Livestock Farming in Mountain Areas

Land & Forst

Ziel der Veranstaltung

Unfavorable environmental conditions in mountain areas such as harsh climate, steepness, high altitude, and isolation of farms challenge livestock farming. Thus, various aspects affect the success of production, including husbandry practices, pasture management, landscape conservation, farm economics and product marketing. The maintenance of farms in the European mountains face similar challenges regardless of whether they are located in the Atlantic Highlands, the Alps, the Meseta or any other European mountain region. The symposium will therefore cover a broad range of topics related to livestock farming in European mountain areas. Thereby, research including all species relevant to mountain livestock farming is considered. The gathering of participants from different regions and disciplines is expected to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and promote innovation, thus enabling the expertise to be bundled and implemented on a local level throughout Europe. 

General information

Bozen-Bolzano is located in South Tyrol in the Italian Alps. Livestock farming plays an important role in the province, not only for food production but also for landscape conservation and tourism. Moreover, it forms part of the cultural heritage of the Alpine Space. Surrounded by the Alps with its UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomites, its wine and fruit yards, the city of Bozen is an excellent spot where the German, Italian and Ladin cultures, that constitute the province, form an attractive and unique environment for visitors.

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Ort der Veranstaltung

Bozen – Bolzano, Italy
EURAC Research Center


Organizing committee:
Free University of Bozen - Bolzano:
Matthias Gauly, Christian Lambertz, Gesa Busch, Ioanna Poulopoulou EURAC: Thomas Streifeneder, Christian Hoffmann
FiBL: Veronika Maurer, Silvia Marton University of Padova: Giulio Cozzi