European Projects

Ireland: Taking advantage of digital opportunities in rural Ireland

A digital facilitator was employed to provide various types of social media and internet training in order to improve local digital skills and enable businesses, organisations and individuals to take better advantage of digital opportunities.
This created new connections, new business opportunities and also created and promoted online networking possibilities aimed at all sectors of the local community. MORE

Nature and outdoor tourism – cooperation and networking for local businesses

The Swedish area of Skaraborg wants take advantage of the enormous potential of nature and outdoor tourism, fostering cooperation and networking among the local actors is essential.
Along with LAG’s, the Leader Skaraborg wants to develop outdoor tourism in the area by helping entrepreneurs and other actors to cooperate and create new products. This is done by organising networking and educational meetings, and by offering help on developing new products and packaging for already existing tourism products. MORE

Renewable energy sources for year-round greenhouse installations

Heating is a significant cost factor for year-round greenhouse installations. With the financial support from LEADER, a small Hungarian family business demonstrates how the switch to renewable energies has significantly reduced the heating costs by about 1/3 while protecting the environment. At the same time, the neighbouring wood industries and the local economy were strengthening. MORE

Transnational cooperation for short food supply-chains

A transnational cooperation between France and Portugal has set itself the goal to tighten the relations between urban and rural areas in order to strengthen short supply-chains for local food.
The results are impressive: a deeper cooperation between all partners of the supply-chain has not only created jobs but also enhanced product quality as well as environmental sustainability. MORE

Young Hungarian farmer shows the way to go

Of interest for young farmers and new entrants is the path that a young Hungarian farmer went.
The case demonstrates how to successfully benefit from different EU funds in order to build an innovative Mangalica swine-farm. MORE

Natura 2000 remains a hot topic - a co-operative implementation is key

The German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is exemplary for how a consistent cooperation between land users and conservationists and with the support of EAFRD resources a successful implementation of Natura 2000 can be achieved. This approach has not only boosted biodiversity but equally improved the quality of life for locals and supported the economy. MORE

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