European Projects

Slovakia: Producing organic fertilizer and renewable energy from horse manure

The Rural Development Programme supported a farm to produce horse manure pellets that can be used as an organic fertilizer as well as a source of renewable energy. At full capacity, the pellet production will be able to cover the farm´s heating costs. MORE

Italy: The region of Marche shows how to enhance the protection of forest biodiversity

Implementing laws for the protection of forest biodiversity can often be complicated. The project successfully shoes how raising awareness and cultivating greater involvement of local municipalities can aide in upscaling the implementation of relevant laws. MORE

Cyprus: Upgrading the facilities of a camp site

Rural Development supported a camp site, not only to increase its capacities but also in modernizing its infastructure. Accessible accommodations and facilities for visitors with disabilities were set up and the wastewater and sewage system was improved. In addition, a lightning rod to minimize the risk of fire due to thunderstorms was installed. MORE

Finland: Strengthening the digital skills in remote rural areas

There is a large need for local digital support to develop residents’ digital skills, especially in remote rural regions. The project has helped to decrease inequality in service accessibility and improve utilisation of online services. It supported rural villages to find new ways to maintain and strengthen communality. MORE

Poland: A unique end-to-end agroforestry production process that is sustainable and profitable

An EIP Operational Group developed and tested a unique end-to-end agroforestry production process that is sustainable, profitable and which benefits consumers through products made in a way that supports the environment. According to research, the profitability is at least 60 % higher than by monoculture. MORE

France: BiomMap – helping citizens to mobilise on biodiversity

Through the BiomMap project the ecological network of a territory in the Walloon Region was significantly improved. Rural stakeholders are enabled to identify, monitor and quantify the existing ecological network’s features, indicate its characteristics, gaps and potential for improvement. MORE

Slovenia: Production of vegetables using biomass from wood

With rural development support, a biomass-burning heater was purchased to grow vegetables during winter. Slovenia´s self-sufficiency in lettuce production increased from 6.7 % to 19.7 % MORE

France: Electric car-sharing for solving mobility problems of an isolated village in the mountains

To ensure social inclusion and access to vital public services, an isolated village in France has bought an electric vehicle for its inhabitants. EU and national support covered most of the costs. MORE

Netherlands: Insects can become a source of sustainable, high-quality proteins in the future

A circular food production system is set up. Waste produced by animals and plants is converted by insects into new nutrients. The projects shows that insects can have the potential to become a source of sustainable, high-quality proteins in the future. MORE

Ireland: LEADER support enabled the purchase of a lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to provide remote sensing services.

The investment allows for a complete and comprehensive remote sensing service. Several projects related to agriculture, forestry and waterways have already started. MORE