European Projects

Czech Republic: Conversion of an intensive farm-holding into an ecological demo-farm

With EAFRD support, an intensive farm was transformed into an ecological demo-farm providing diverse environmental benefits to wildlife, habitat, biodiversity and water quality. This also allowed to increase the farm´s capacity to adapt to climate-induced extreme rainfall and droughts. In addition, the farm operates a demonstration platform for training and exchange of knowledge and good practices, involving and connecting a broad variety of stakeholders, including accredited agricultural advisory services, who can learn from the concrete experience of the farm. MORE

United Kingdom: Rural Development support for tackling Dementia in a rural areas

To ensure that the services provided by a community center also meet the needs of those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, Rural Development supported the enhancement of the center´s services and premises. The interior and exterior signage throughout the center were improved, walls and curtains redecorated and dark colours removed. This improved clarity of vision for those with Dementia, to allow people to easily locate the facilities. The impact of such a small investment has been huge and proves that a small amount of funding can make a real difference to a rural community. MORE

Portugal: Hydroponic production of vegetables in eco-greenhouses

EAFRD support allowed to develop a state-of-the-art innovative, greenhouse production unit, ensuring high standards of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and food safety. Among the key lessons learned was that careful planning is necessary to avoid difficulties and delays in the implementation. In addition, outsourcing should be done using highly specialized companies and teams, with know-how and experience. MORE

Sweden: BeeScanning - an app for protecting bee colonies

To reduce bee mortality and improve the health of bee communities, the BeeScanning app was developed to detect Varroa mites. Beekeepers get infestation results together with recommended actions in a fast and user-friendly way using their smartphones. The app is free and can be downloaded for Android and iPhone under the name “BeeScanning” MORE

Spain: Building dry stone walls to improve farm productivity while protecting soil erosion

A young farmer used RDP funding to rehabilitate terraces and stone walls, to maintain the traditional landscape and avoid erosion and soil loss. This investment helped him to increase the area suitable for cultivation, to protect the soil on his farm and secure an income that allows him to stay in the area. MORE

Hungary: In response to COVID-19, a website was set up to match agricultural companies with jobseekers

Due to restrictions in cross-border travelling resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, labour shortages have emerged in the agricultural sector. Through the technical assistance under the Rural Development Programme, a website was set up to connect farmers and producers with potential employees. MORE

Latvia: ‘BeeKing’ – Digital solutions for apiary management

This LEADER project was established to test a set of digital tools and services that could support efficient apiary management and knowledge exchange in the sector. The “BeeKing” portal was developed, enabling beekeepers to maintain their administrative records as part of a broader overview of beekeeping apiaries and hives. The portal also includes a forum for user support and networking. MORE

Italy: Agronomic techniques for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in organic farming

The agricultural sector can and must contribute to the mitigation of the greenhouse effect by reducing its own emissions as well as by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Specifically in organic farming, an EIP-AGRI operational group was set up in Emilia Romagna to identify agronomic techniques that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time maintaining production yields and product quality. MORE

Slovenia: A small farm diversifying into therapeutic horse riding

The objective of this project was to support the development of tourism and new services on the farm. With support from the LEADER measure, equestrian equipment was purchased, riding paths developed, a riding hall constructed, as well as a instructor/therapist hired. MORE

Luxembourg: Creating a digital inventory of walking trails

Despite its great natural and cultural potential, the Atert-Wark area is practically unknown and lacks specific offers for attracting outdoors activities and ecotourism. In order to raise the profile of this small rural region and become a quality destination for hikers, a digital inventory of walking trails with ready-to-print maps was developed with LEADER support. MORE