European Projects

Spain: Andalusian Shepherds School

The Andalusian Shepherds School offers a training course aimed at people who want to work in pastoral or extensive livestock farming. Theoretical knowledge on health, production, economics and marketing is combined with internships. The school is primarily funded by EAFRD under the Rural Development Programme, with additional national and regional support. MORE

Portugal: Improvement and recovery of pedestrian routes in a UNESCO-listed Natural Park

In the Madeira Natural Park area, Rural Development was used for a sustainable restoration of pathways with touristic interest and to establish an education and interpretation programme and leisure areas.
The RDP support financed the cleaning and removal of vegetation, stones, earth and trees along the pathways that were at risk of collapse. Works were carried out to repair and stabilise the footpaths, safety guards were restored and supporting walls alongside the paths and slopes were reinforced. MORE

Belgium: Promoting controlled drainage

By converting traditional drainage systems to level-controlled drainage, the outflow of water from the drainage system is regulated according to the needs of the crop. The project contributes to more efficient and sustainable water management on arable land and demonstrated that the new system can increase crop growth if applied correctly. MORE

Hungary: Supporting the preservation of the Hungarian Coldblood horse breed

The Hungarian Coldblood horse breed was traditionally used in agricultural works but the modernisation of agriculture has largely replaced it. The project is supporting the preservation of the horse breed, among others by ensuring greater involvement of all stakeholders in pedigree breeding. MORE

Denmark: Upgrading a greenhouse to improve energy efficiency

A climate computer system was purchased to increase energy efficiency and to reduce production costs per unit. The reduced production costs will allow to recover the investment cost within four years. In addition, the system is essential for reducing CO2 emissions from the nursery sector. MORE

Romania: A mobile laboratory bringing veterinary services to the farm gate

A veterinary laboratory used RDP support to purchase and equip a mobile veterinary lab which would be able to provide quality integrated services at the “farm gate”. Rapid analysis methods are now available, providing quick and complete diagnosis to the immediate benefit for farms and pet owners. MORE

Greece: LEADER support for a team of civil protection volunteers

In cases of emergency, state agencies contact the team which is ready to offer its volunteers and equipment promptly. Support from the LEADER programme enabled the team of volunteers to acquire equipment that would allow them to increase the range of incidents where they can intervene, such as in natural disasters prevention and management, as well as to better organise public information campaigns. MORE

Sweden: A sports club used RDP support to offer space that contributes to the integration of immigrants in the local society.

The Fagersta Södra sports association decided to offer young immigrants the opportunity to participate in sporting activities in order to help them feel part of the local community. RDP support was used to upgrade the club through the creation of two new dressing rooms, a new laundry room, a service house and disabled-accessible toilets. MORE

Slovakia: Producing organic fertilizer and renewable energy from horse manure

The Rural Development Programme supported a farm to produce horse manure pellets that can be used as an organic fertilizer as well as a source of renewable energy. At full capacity, the pellet production will be able to cover the farm´s heating costs. MORE

Italy: The region of Marche shows how to enhance the protection of forest biodiversity

Implementing laws for the protection of forest biodiversity can often be complicated. The project successfully shoes how raising awareness and cultivating greater involvement of local municipalities can aide in upscaling the implementation of relevant laws. MORE