Communicational competence – The dialogue between agriculture and society

Topic area
Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain

Disaggregation level
Knowledge transfer

Project region
Lower Austria
Upper Austria

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
1.7.2015-31.12.2016 (geplantes Projektende)

EN - 1.1.1. a) Begleitende Berufsbildung, Fort- und Weiterbildung zur Verbesserung der fachlichen Qualifikation - Landwirtschaft

Project initiator
LFI Österreich

Short description

Farmers are the most credible and confidential representatives of the agricultural and forestry sector. The course “Open up – spread your messages, gather attention“ supports the development of the professional and personal competences of farmers and increases the competitiveness within all sectors of agricultural production. One major aim of the course is to raise the participants’ awareness of the importance of the active dialogue with the society. The own passive attitude is left behind while the services and benefits that agricultural, forestry and food sector provide are pointed out.

Point of departure

As the society has a decisive bearing on political decisions it is very important to promote their favorable position towards the farmers and the work they do. One major tool in this context is communication. In order to step forward, farmers have to be included into communication processes and strategies. In this way trust and credibility towards the local agriculture can be strengthened.

Targets and target groups

Target groups: Farmers, Young farmers, representatives of different organizations and associations


The targeted group shall be heterogenic and shall therefore include people from different fields of activity and/or production sectors. In this way the mutual exchange can be effected and the learning outcomes can be achieved.


Educational goals for the participants:

The participants of the pilot seminar shall be entirely motivated to actively integrate farmers in their role as competent and trustful communicators. In this way the farmers get the possibility to be involved in discussions, dialogues and interviews and to state their position, even concerning complex or rather unpleasant issues within the agricultural and forestry sector. 

The scope is to provide support for the establishment of a personal network and to enable informational exchange when needed.

Benefits for the participants:

·         Strengthening of personality; improvement of the acting within the society
·         Improvement of the contact to different communication media
·         Improvement of knowledge; Establishment of networks
·         Improvement of the image of agriculture

Project implementation and measures

·         Countrywide consultancy by the course experts, administration of the trainer pool, continuing updates on the training material via the E-LFI platform

·         Performance of pilot seminars
·         Training of the teachers and leaders that are responsible for the courses (two-day training session).
·         Further development of the seminary "Raus aus der Reserve- Botschaften säen, Aufmerksamkeit ernten" (“Open up – spread your message, gather attention “), regarding:

+ the content, methods and papers
+ the upskilling of the trainers
+ the development of an online module