Show and adventure cheese factory Weizer sheep farmers

Topic area
Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

Disaggregation level
Local amenities
SMEs, trade & economy
Agricultural services
Direct marketing
Short supply chains
Value added
Alpine pasture management & mountain agriculture
Animal welfare

Project region

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Almenland & Energieregion Weiz - Gleisdorf

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
12/2016-06/2018 (geplantes Projektende)

Project costs overall

Subsidy from LE 14-20

EN - 19.2.1. Umsetzung der lokalen Entwicklungsstrategie

Project initiator
Weizer Schafbauern reg. Gen.m.b.H.

Short description

For various reasons the current location of the sheep farmers in Weiz will be abandoned in autumn 2017. Until then, a new business location will be built in Obergreith in the municipality of Mitterdorf. With the construction of the show and adventure cheese factory of the sheep farmers of Weiz an interactive, modern and experience-oriented sales area is created.

 The show and experience area in the interior of the plant location conveys different key points on the topic "sheep" and provides insights into the production and ripening rooms of the products of the sheep farmers of Weiz.

The pleasure shop enables an interactive, sensory and experience-oriented purchase of the products.

At the end of the project, unique guided tours will be held and the sales area will be opened. Around 10,000 visitors are expected to visit the show and adventure cheese factory every year, offering them a unique experience.