Sustainable Tourism in Austria

Topic area
Climate protection and climate change
Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain
Basic services, Leader, municipalities
Environment, biodiversity, nature conservation

Disaggregation level
Animal welfare
Education & lifelong learning
Local amenities
Social services
Equal opportunity
Climate protection
Climate change adaptation
Protected areas
Nature conservation
Environmental protection
Alpine pasture management & mountain agriculture
Knowledge transfer

Project region
Lower Austria
Upper Austria

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
2017-2019 (geplantes Projektende)

Project costs overall

EN - 10.1.19. Naturschutz

Project initiator
Philipp Walz

Short description

Thoughts on sustainability
The possibility to experience a refreshing and relaxed vacation away from the hustle of mass tourism does not only have an effect on one's own quality of life, but rather helps to experience the people as well as the nature of the visited country as original and intensive as possible.

This form of tourism offers the unique opportunity to dive much deeper into the culture and way of life of the country and also to adapt to it, as it is possible in conventional mass tourism only to some extent.

While in mass tourism one often feels overstimulated and hardly finds time for rest and relaxation, sustainable tourism provides true moments to enter into an inner dialogue, to reflect on oneself and to return as a strengthened, vital and refreshed person from a vacation that lasts for a long time, in order to deal with confidence with the challenges that life presents.

Point of departure

Vacation with heart and mind
The goal of our website sustainable tourism is to offer vacationers in Austria an attractive alternative to mass tourism.

Austria should further develop as a vacation destination. We stand up for the fact that the needs of the people and also the future generations are satisfied.

For the tourism region Austria this means to commit itself to a sustainable way of life.

To ensure a sustainable development of the Austrian tourism, the ecological, economic and social dimensions must be ensured.

Targets and target groups

Our mission
To create worlds of experience for an unforgettable vacation feeling far beyond the vacation and to integrate this way of life into everyday life. This will reinforce the value of vacation and life.

Important for us is
  • a lot of time
  • relaxation
  • experiences
  • learning languages
  • local lifestyle
  • new discoveries
  • spontaneous decisions
  • appropriate means of transport

Project implementation and measures

For the project implementation, people from Austria, tourists in Austria, the tourism regions of Austria and the Federal Ministry for Sustainable Tourism will be enabled to exchange experiences on the website to jointly support a sustainable Austria.

This ay each person will be able to exchange experiences to enable a common knowledge transfer to develop a sustainable Austria for future generations.

Results and effects

Through the website we have already been able to create the basis for sustainable tourism. In cooperation with the tourism regions and the Federal Ministry of Sustainability the first regions could already be registered, more will follow. The first sustainable vacation offers could already be recorded.


The most beautiful thing about this project is the willingness of many people to support for a more beautiful and sustainable Austria.