The Schönau shrine path

Topic area

Disaggregation level
Knowledge transfer

Project region
Upper Austria

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Mühlviertler Alm

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
September 2016-Juli 2017

EN - 19.2.1. Umsetzung der lokalen Entwicklungsstrategie

Project initiator
Arbeitsgruppe Schönauer Marterlweg

Short description

Within the framework of teaching and in their free time, the pupils of the Schönau elementary school explore, document and photograph the small monuments in and around the place of their school according to the criteria of monument research.

The schoolchildren survey the owners and conduct an interview with them. Then they compile the information and transfer it into corresponding sheets according to the specifications of the monument research.

To make a longer stage of the way more entertaining, the schoolchildren also make the "Schönauer Schulkreuzweg".

To not forget these places of remembrance, information boards are designed and installed. Furthermore, a brochure is being prepared.

Point of departure

In our school town Schönau there are no records of small monuments. So far, everything has only been transmitted orally. For these memorials not to be forgotten, the project "Schönauer Marterlweg" was initiated.

Targets and target groups

- To make people aware of the value of the small monuments for the history of the village of Schönau.
- Learning of scientific research and documentation
- To sensitize the population for the preservation, renewal, repair, ...
- Assessing all small monuments in the village of Schönau

Project implementation and measures

- Awareness of why the small monuments were built - a look into the past

- Learning how to conduct a proper interview - strengthening self-confidence and social competence

- Learn to scientifically work based on specific requirements

- Inspection of already existing ways of cross to find new ideas

- Design of images and text of the stations of the crossroad

- Compilation of a brochure