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Agricultural Culture Estate Heidensand

Development, testing and implementation of labour market oriented integration and green care projects in the agricultural employment sector on the basis of the practical example of Estate Heidensand

Topic area
Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain

Disaggregation level
Integration & Social Inclusion
Social services
Local amenities
Knowledge transfer
EIP European Innovation Partnership

Project region

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period
01.07.2018-31.12.2021 (geplantes Projektende)

Project costs overall

EN - 16.02.1. Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung neuer Erzeugnisse, Verfahren & Technologien der Land-, Ernährungs- & Forstwirtschaft

Project initiator
OG AGRARKULTUR Gutshof Heidensand

Short description

The present labour market is marked by the ambiguity, which is on the one hand characterised by a lack of skilled workers, and on the other hand by an oversupply of unqualified workers. This problem is to be addressed with this project, in the course of which the almost 100 years old estate is revitalized and opened up for the population of Lustenau. For this purpose, a new type of cooperation between the charitable INTEGRA and the local farmers has been established. In this cooperation, within the framework of a division of labour between agricultural enterprises and educational institutions, certified organic food is grown and produced, which creates jobs and offers an opportunity to disadvantaged people

Point of departure

The situation on the labour market is presently very tense, in particular for low-skilled persons and persons with poor access to education the search for a job turns out to be problematic. At the same time there are not enough skilled agricultural workers on the labour market, as the Chamber of Agriculture and the agricultural holdings are complaining. The cooperation project “Agricultural Culture Estate Heidesand” is to make a contribution to a solution of the problem by means of offering a further training for presently unskilled workers within the framework of training and qualification programmes in the field of the regional production of foodstuffs and by ensuring a sustainable integration of these workers in this way. In this context, the project focuses in particular on the charitable and socio-ecological sectors.

Project implementation and measures

1. Conception / development / pilot trials / test (July 2018 - 2019)

Exchange within the framework of the OG and the strategic partnership, research and excursions on similar projects, documentation and reflection, on the basis of which a guidance for action and the guideline are designed.

2. Implementation (2020 to 2021)
Exchange of expert knowledge and integration of experiences in the guideline, finalisation and final evaluation, current reports.
In order to enable that protected, temporary jobs are made available, which promote a sustainable integration. They are supported by technical working assistance performances, in order to improve procedures and processes to reach the goals.

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