“Genuss Krone” - Crown of pleasure

Topic area
Agriculture and forestry, incl. value chain

Disaggregation level
Interregional/Transnational cooperation projects
Business management
Animal welfare
Short supply chains
Knowledge transfer
Local amenities
SMEs, trade & economy
Direct marketing
Value added

Project region
Lower Austria
Upper Austria

LE– Programming Period
LE 14–20

Project period

EN - 16.10.1. Einrichtung und Betrieb von Clustern

Project initiator

Short description

For the awards for the GenussKrone, the best products of all federal states in the categories bread, cheese, fruit, raw cured products and fish products are nominated and awarded the corresponding regional crowns, e.g. the bread crown or the bacon crown. A maximum of 3 products/subcategories can be nominated. Condition for the nomination is the participation in a recognized award or a recognized competition in Austria.

The competition is primarily aimed at farmers that are direct marketers. As of 2018 also commercial enterprises are distinguished (smaller crafts enterprises). With the baker and butcher crown especially smaller crafts enterprises are to be brought into the competition. Every two years, the winners of the GenussKrone Austria are determined by trained tasters in a standardised, sensory evaluation procedure. In 2018 more than 300 companies with more than 400 nominated products in 29 different subcategories took part in the federal tastings. This resulted in 28 winners being honoured at the GenussKrone Gala. GenussKrone companies are the flagship for regional specialities, they stand for culinary diversity and of farm- and commercial products at the highest qualitative level.
In 2019, as part of this project, an online platform for more efficient implementation of competitions was set up. In the future, producers will be able to register directly online at www.ausgezeichnete-produkte.at on and register their products for many current competitions. There also find information about the competitions, conditions of participation etc. will be found. It is also possible to enter jury evaluations directly into the system during the tasting and to automatically evaluate the results.

The partners in this IT project are the Association of Agricultural Projects, the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, the Federal Guild of the Food Industry and the Wieselburg faire. They have the opportunity to implement competitions via this new registration and tasting platform. This measure represents a major milestone for digitisation in rural areas. The website is constantly being expanded with new functions.

Targets and target groups

Targets: Promoting innovation, ensuring quality, strengthening businesses, networking, making businesses visible

Target groups: farmers that are direct marketers, commercial craft businesses, consumers, experts from the chambers of agriculture

Project implementation and measures

- sensing workshops

- product awards

- measures to harmonise awards - common award tool

Results and effects

- high participation rate

- very positive media response