Labyrinths Hofkirchen

Labyrinths are places of deceleration, meeting, silence, and change.

Topic area
Basic services, Leader, municipalities

Disaggregation level

Project region
Upper Austria

Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Donau-Böhmerwald

LE– Programming Period
LE 07–13

Project period

Project costs overall
200.000 EUR

Project initiator
Verein Labyrinthe Hofkirchen

LE 07-13 information

Themenbereich (Untergliederung): Leader (Kultur, Sonstiges, Tourismus)
LAG (lokale Aktionsgruppe): Donau-Böhmerwald
Maßnahme: M413 - M313

Short description

With the all-embracing design of the topic “labyrinths”, which includes the entire community, Hofkirchen aims at achieving a unique position and strengthening its position as a tourist community.

By creating three large labyrinths and a learning trail, and taking accompanying measures, the community wants to dedicate itself completely to the idea of labyrinths. Also seminars and opportunities for contemplation are included in the project plan.
Labyrinths are spiritual and decelerating and thus represent a unique subject which is interesting for tourists.
With professional marketing and various tourist offers, the project is to be positioned on the market for leisure activities.

Project implementation and measures

For the three labyrinths, wonderful places with tradition and a special meaning have been selected. This choice also served as the basis for the specific topics: They come from the experience of meeting to contemplation and metamorphosis back to the starting point and to oneself.

Results and effects

PlantLabyrinth of Meeting:

This first of the three labyrinths is located near the centre of the community of Hofkirchen, close to the “Alte Bassena”. This location has always been a meeting place and an attraction. Beside the old trees and with integration and simultaneous design of the place, a planted labyrinth was created north of it. A space for all types of meetings has been provided.
A big thank you to all members of the community who provided flowers, herbs and brushes from their gardens for the labyrinth and planted them; thank you also for their tireless support to make this labyrinth a delight and a pleasure for eyes, nose, palate and heart.

StoneLabyrinth of Contemplation:

The second labyrinth is located near the “Emmerstorfer Bründl”. It was built in the form of a reduced stone labyrinth in the framework of the action “Hofkirchen ist steinreich” (a play with words meaning: Hofkirchen is abounding with stones) where in the course of time 120 tonnes of stones were, in painstaking detail work, step-by-step collected, removed from fields and forest edges, loaded on tractors, brought to the construction site, and then manually made into the labyrinth – an initiative in which all inhabitants cooperated.
The remoteness of the location and the closeness to the chapel invite to calm and contemplation. This location is a place of silence, hearing and accurate perception.

ArtsLabyrinth of Metamorphosis:

The third labyrinth is located near the “Three Limes”.
From this place, one can see the other two labyrinths – so the wheel has come full circle, the triangle is complete.
The place has experienced a significant change due to the storm “Cyrill”, so the labyrinth can inspire reflections about changes - “metamorphoses” – in one’s own life.
Points of view may change, perspectives never before seen can open up.
This subject is also part of the design of the labyrinth by Professor Gerhard Wünsche.