Hikes from one alpine hut to the next in the Pongau region

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Basic services, Leader, municipalities

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Local Action Group (LAG)
LAG Lebens.Wert.Pongau

LE– Programming Period
LE 07–13

Project period

Project initiator
SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH, Regionale Services Pongau

LE 07-13 information

Themenbereich (Untergliederung): Leader (Tourismus)
LAG (lokale Aktionsgruppe): Lebens.Wert.Pongau
Maßnahme: M413 - M313

Short description

During the past few years the alpine huts of the Pongau region have gained special importance for tourism in the Province of Salzburg and, thanks to different groups of offers, like the summer on alpine huts and the “Salzburger Almenweg”, have become popular destinations for hikers. Expectations have changed. It is no longer the thrill of “conquering” the peak of a mountain that counts, but the experience of nature and landscapes and the return to down-to-earthness and groundedness. Many regional products are produced on alpine huts; they are marketed right there and represent an important component of value-adding for farmers managing alpine huts. In a 10-part documentation presented in the framework of the ORF’s radio feature “Harrys liabste Hüttn” (Harry’s favourite hut) several authentic alpine huts and landscapes are presented and the work of shephards is highlighted.

Point of departure

The 350 km long Salzburger Almenweg in the Pongau region has meanwhile become an established offer in the field of the summer on alpine huts and hiking which is accepted in particular by hikers from Austria and Germany. The trail takes account of the trend towards long-distance hiking and the search for tranquillity, authenticity and naturalness. A major element in the implementation are the specialities, like dairy products, bread, cheese and many more, which are in most cases produced and marketed directly on the alpine hut. The Salzburger Almenweg leads to 120 alpine huts which offer visitors these natural, authentic products. In summer 2008 a part of the popular documentation “Harrys liabste Hüttn” was produced in the Großarltal and the Gasteinertal and was broadcasted on August 3 in ORF 2. As both the TV team and the organisers, SLT. TVB Großarltal and TVB Dorfgastein, gave a very positive feedback, the idea was born to produce a television series solely about the Salzburger Almenweg. This is a unique chance for the Salzburger Almenweg to be presented Austria-wide during the whole summer time.

Targets and target groups

Making the alpine huts along the Salzburger Almenweg better known, presenting the most authentic huts and presenting regional specialities there; increasing the value-adding for alpine farmers by securing their jobs with the income earned from hikers; continued tending of the cultivated landscape; advertising the tourist regions in the Pongau regions as destinations for hiking.

Project implementation and measures

Prior information in the regions and selection of places suited for the production; production of 10 different parts of the documentation “Harrys liabste Hüttn” in each region along the Salzburger Almenweg. Per part, three huts and the most scenic parts of the long-distance hiking trail are presented. The series was broadcast in July and August 2009, always on Sundays at 17:30 (30 minutes) and repeated on TW1 and ORF 2 during the morning and night broadcasting times; the tourism associations and alpine huts offer DVDs with the parts of the series to promote the long-term effect of the project.