Annual Work Programme 2021

Kick-off conference on the European Green Deal: With a diversified conference with national and international speakers, the most important areas of the Green Deal are to be prepared and discussed in the context of the Austrian framework conditions. This is intended lay the foundations for a series of in-depth special offers in the individual subject areas. February/March 2021, online

Annual Conference 2021: The Annual Conference servs the purpose of offering all stakeholders of the Rural Development Program the opportunity to get to get familiar with the current program implementation and, in particular, to deal with current aspects of the overall Rural Development. Second half of 2021

Subject Area Department of Agriculture and Forestry including the Value Chain.

Conference: Transforming societal demands into consumer behavior and willingness to pay - but how?: The aim of this event is to provide an overview on the diverse societal demands in the context of the EU Biodiversity Strategy as well as the Farm to Fork Strategy, and to provide insight into behavioral economics.

Added value of regional value chains: The objective of the event is to change the purchasing behavior of consumers. By raising awareness about the added value of regional value chains in agriculture and forestry, the willingness to purchase regional products should be increase.

Climate neutrality by 2040 - Phasing out fossils in agriculture and forestry: In cooperation with the educational and research institution Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg, the accompanying group on climate change, climate protection and air pollution control as well as the Vienna University of Technology, the topic area is prepared in a one-day workshop with keynote speeches and expert discussions. The results of the workshop will be summarized in a compact form and made accessible to a broad circle of interested parties.

Expert workshop: Development of a biodiversity index for agriculturally used cultural landscapes: The aim of this event is to elaborate on the topic of measuring biodiversity in agricultural cultural landscapes and to present the current state of knowledge of science and practice on the topic.

Webinar: EU Forest Policy: The event aims at presenting the relevant institutions for EU forest policy. Furthermore, it should highlight current critical political developments related to forests as well as opportunities and limits of participation and influence.

CT-Log - New ways of log measurement: The aim of the event is to raise awareness for the new technology, to outline future development steps, to collect previous experiences of users and to identify opportunities, risks and need for action for forest owners.

Subject Area Environment, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

Expert talk: Mapping biodiversity on the product: A group of experts will discuss different approaches for determining the economic value of preserving the cultural landscape and biodiversity, as well as different approaches for displaying them on products and possibilities for communicating them to consumers and the general public.

Webinar: use of drones and digital tools in nature conservation: the event will present methods that are currently already being used in practice. First half-year

Seminar: Increasing the effectiveness of biodiversity measures - through innovative training & advice: In the seminar, experiences from the perspective of training and advice, as well as from the fields of agriculture, hunting and nature conservation will be discussed.

Subject Area Climate Change and Climate Protection

Cooperative event Soil Forum "Humus Storage": The event will provide information from research and practice on the topic of sustainable and resource-conserving agriculture and forestry, focusing on humus storage and its importance for climate protection and climate change adaptation. Fall 2021.

Webinar: Agro-PV - Opportunities and limitations of photovoltaics in agriculture: The event will present research results and the technical opportunities. The focus will be on experiences from existing installations. The possibilities and limitations will be presented from the technical point of view and from the point of view of the farmers on whose land the isntallations were built.

Webinar: Air pollution control: The event will present and discuss current scientific findings and recommendations for actions. Limits of technical possibilities, financial aspects and practical feasibility will be addressed.

Subject Area LEADER, Basic Services, and Communities

Innovative Workshop: International exchange of experiences - mobility in rural areas in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg: In an online meeting with the German networking agency (DVS) and regiosuisse (Swiss networking agency for the new regional policy), an exchange of experiences on different topics of rural development will take place.

Innovative Workshop: The role of regional development in resource-efficient construction and renovation: In this workshop, the topics of energy-efficient and land-saving construction and renovation are to be addressed. The focus should not only be on the building and on resource-saving materials for its construction/renovation, but should also include the topic of land consumption.

Documentation: Equality of men and women in rural areas in practice: In the study "Equality of men and women in the Austrian Rural Development Program 2014-2020" the consideration of equality of men and women in the Austrian Rural Development Program 2014-2020 (Program LE 14-20) was examined and its benefits for the economic, social and cultural development of rural regions were analyzed. The documentation should be produced in a comprehensive, journalistic language in form of a brochure.

Design Thinking Process: To the country side - target group oriented solutions: Within the framework of a one-day event, concrete approaches to solutions for making rural areas more attractive as a "place to live" are to be developed using creative methods (design thinking).

International LEADER excursion: The projects that will be visited during the excursion should, on the one hand, cover different relevant topics, but at the same time there should also be a focus that enables a more intensive examination of a topic. May 2021.

LINC 2021 - European LEADER Conference: With the participation of around 300 LAG representatives from 15 to 20 Member Wtates, LINC offers good opportunities for exchanging experiences, building relationships and initiating transnational cooperation projects. Autumn 2021.

LEADER annual conference 2021: Bio-economy and circular economy: While in recent years regional economic cycles have increasingly been the focus of network work, the annual conference 2021 will focus on a sub-area of this and highlight opportunities for resource-saving utilization in a regional context.

Impact orientation for LES and LAGs: In this measure, the new model for impact orientation is to be finalized to the extent that it is applicable for all stakeholders involved (LAGs, LVLs, BMLRT, AMA). For this, it is necessary to describe each indicator with an "indicator fiche". These fiches include the definition of terms, suggestions for measurement methods and measurement dates. The "indicator fiches" will subsequently be presented to the working group for discussion at a workshop.

Call Seminars: Call seminars are a flexible tool that addresses specific training and development needs of LEADER regions.

Cooperation consulting for interterritorial and transnational cooperation projects: The development of interterritorial and transnational cooperation projects is a key objective of LEADER. Besides the usual measures - partner search for Austrian LAGs and for LAGs from other Member States regarding possible Austrian cooperation partners - experience shows that LAGs always have a need for feedback and short (telephone) coaching sessions during the development and implementation of cooperation projects in order to remove uncertainties.

Subject Area Innovation

Online Co-Creation Workshop: organizing and steering the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS) Strategic Plan in the context of the CAP Strategic Plan: The goal of the co-creation workshop is to first inform about the new objective of AKIS as well as to clarify the specifications and requirements of AKIS in the context of the national CAP strategic plan. First half-year 2021

Getting the right people together: exchange and networking event of national and international Operational Groups: In a full-day event, there will be a deliberate focus on linking EIP-AGRI projects and Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe. For this purpose, national as well as international EIP-AGRI projects are invited, as well as national and international multipliers from the field of research and innovation (for example, research institutions and consulting). First half-year 2021, online

Continuation of the Innovation Broker, information and experience exchange EIP - online consultations: Since 2016, the Innovation Broker has been supporting the implementation of the EIP-AGRI in Austria as a national intermediary and networking body. During the second, third and fourth EIP-AGRI calls, the Innovation Broker's consulting services were intensively used by potential funding applicants for both content-related and technical funding advice, as the Innovation Broker acts as a neutral link between the Ministry (granting body) and funding applicants. This year, the innovation broker will focus on the dissemination of results from operational groups. Year-round

EIP-AGRI Call Seminars: Active Networking and Knowledge Transfer: EIP-AGRI Call Seminars encourage Operational Groups to take the initiative to actively engage in networking and provide a bottom-up element of networking activities.

Short videos on the concrete implementation of EIP-AGRI projects in Austria: As in 2020, the videos will be disseminated in a targeted manner on existing channels, for example the website of the Austrian Network for Rural Development, the social media channels of the EIP-AGRI Service Point as well as through other national networking bodies. The realization of the two videos will build on the experiences of the first two video productions.

Online event series: Green, innovative value chains of the future: