30. November 2023–7. Dezember 2023

Good Practice Webinar: Enhancing access to health services in rural areas

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Ziel der Veranstaltung

The EU Long Term Vision (LTVRA) aims to revitalise rural areas by providing efficient, accessible and affordable public and private services, including personalised healthcare solutions. This vision highlights the crucial role of access to health services in promoting health equity, supporting economic development, facilitating preventive and early intervention and influencing the decision to reside in rural areas. The Good Practice webinar provides a space for local actors to learn from peers about projects funded by different EU programmes and policies improving access to health services in rural areas.

The webinar will have the following objectives:
  • Learning about policies and tools capable of improving access to health.
  • Enabling exchanges and learning from local experiences and initiatives that facilitate access to health services in rural areas and create conditions to attract and retain healthcare workforce.
  • Building the capacity of participants to promote solutions adapted to the specificities of rural practice, as well as mobile, digital, or community-based integrated health initiatives that overcome existing barriers and respond to rural needs.
  • Encouraging and mobilising rural pact community members to commit to the pact and/or undertake actions related to access to health services in their specific contexts. 

You can find more details including a draft agenda on the event page

Express your interest to participate here by 2. November 2023: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/GPW-health-EoI

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Rural Pact Support Office